Doubt Is My Personal Demon

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As a writer, one needs the arrogance to believe their words matter. My life is full of struggles about my abilities to control my destiny in this world. As a child, I grew up in poverty. In the United States, I do not believe any person should grow up in poor and without purpose to be able to rise above his or her station. In the Constitution, we are given the right to pursue happiness. Being poor doesn't allow for one to think to pursue happiness in the long term. Through education is the only way, to me, to find that.

So, after fighting the system, I went to university at the age of twenty-six. Older than most, but not as old as some. For seven years, I worked full-time and went to school at nights and weekends. I don't remember much in this period. I call this time the great blur, and in the future, I will write more on my early life.

However, this post is about the demon of doubt and why I struggle to write and believe I have something, anything valuable that others would want to read. The devil is always whispering, "What makes you think?" "Who do you think you are?" "You have nothing important to say." Even though in a world that has everyone saying anything or everything they want without remorse or regret. If I do say something, I want it to mean something to the reader and me. Also, I am concerned that my thoughts will be taken out of context because someone will be hypercritical of what I have, or need, to say.

For now, I will leave the reader with my answer to the devil in my head. "Because I can..."

I hope you enjoy my stories and my journey.


Kent Barnett

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